Congratulations! NGO activities in Bilbao/Spain crowned with success

on Oct 8, 2013

Bilbao’s town council has approved the motion proposed by Ekologistak Martxan and the urban cyclist association, “Biziz-Bizi”, by which the speed is limited to 30-km/h in the town residential areas, and to 50 km/h in the rest of the cycle lanes.
Last May, Ekologistak Martxan and the urban cyclists association, Biziz-Bizi, joined the European proposed law on reducing the maximum traffic speed in urban areas to 30 km/h. The campaign to extend such rate to an European level has borne fruit in Bilbao, since all the Town Council is urging the local Government Board to adopt the required measures (signalling, traffic lights) so as to procure that the 30 km/h are not exceeded in residential areas (i.e., vertically and horizontally indicating a series of streets which provide continuity to Bilbao’s cycle lanes), and to keep implementing measures that facilitate the efficient cyclist and pedestrian mobility.
To establish a 30-km/h Speedy limit is an economical way of increasing safety, by decreasing the amount of accident victims and the injuries seriousness; this measure also contributes to reducing contamination and CO2 emissions, and to improving air quality. Therefore, limiting the speed to 30 km/h shall lead to improving the traffic, and to relieve traffic jam by stimulating the use of public transport and bycicles. Pedestrians and cyclists shall be able to move more safely.
Ekologistak Martxan and the urban cyclists association, Biziz bizi, are congratulated by the adopted measure, and invites to keep implementing fair mobility actions, in which the charge distribution and the environmental and social benefits (in particular, among the most vulnerable groups) are shared under the most equalitarian manner between the overall population.

Author: Ecologostas en Accion

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